About us

Our story

Created in 2019, LOOTUS SECURITY is a french IT and IoT cybersecurity consulting firm, located in Britanny, France. Our founder, Julien MOINARD, has 10 years of cybersecurity experience (pentests, audits, dedicated tools development). His experience is renowned (multiple talks at BlackHat, Chaos Computer Club, Hack In Paris, CanSecWest, HITB, FIC, Cap’tronic, schools…) and relies on avanced technical skills. With its name, LOOTUS sends a strong message, which means “HOPE” in Estonian.

Julien MOINARD wanted above all else to bring a new look on the IoT cybersecurity field, with an innovative approche on securing already in the design phase. Our first commitment is to have our clients regain confidence in securing their products and services, by accompanying them from the ground up, and during all development. We operate by integrating all teams: technical (Informatics and Electronics) and organizationnal (project managers).

We bring a high expertise, whether for organizationnal, strategic choices, or even in the designing of products, embedded systems, software, network architecture…

Our know-how and expertise in Informatics / Electronics enables us to bring complete and adapted solutions to our clients, with a strong emphasis on their business rules.

LOOTUS SECURITY is also a family story. Sensitive to the importance of cybersecurity in our world today, Claire MOINARD quickly joined the adventure, as an electronics engineer and project manager, to reinforce our values.

Our interventions and publications


  • We network (FRANCE) : Trainer “Securing the update of embedded software (FOTA)”.


  • We network (FRANCE) : Trainer “Securing the update of embedded software (FOTA)”
  • Cap’tronic (FRANCE) : Trainer “The security of smart devices”
  • Session privée (FRANCE) : Trainer “The security of web applications”


  • We network (FRANCE) : Trainer “Securing the update of embedded software (FOTA)”
  • Cap’tronic (FRANCE) : Trainer “The security of smart devices”
  • Session privée (FRANCE) : Trainer “The security of web applications”


  • Eseo (FRANCE) : Speaker: “Embedded systems: adapt your security means”
  • Session privée (FRANCE) : Trainer “The security of smart devices”


  • Enova (FRANCE) : Speaker “Cybersecurity, IoT’s main challenge ?”


  • Cap’tronic (FRANCE) : Trainer “Data security at the age of cloud computing and smart devices”
  • Cap’tronic (FRANCE) : Trainer “Analysis of Cybersecurity issues and threats for the industry, state of the art of smart ecosystems”


  • HITB (ASIA) : Trainer “Embedded systems intrusion test”
  • Sessions privées (USA) : Trainer “Embedded systems pentest”


  • BlackHat (USA) : Trainer “Embedded systems pentest”
  • HITBSeconf (NEDERLANDS), CanSecWest (CANADA), NullCon (INDIA) : Speaker “Hardsploit project: an all-in-one tool for hardware security auditing”
  • Cap’tronic (FRANCE) : Trainer “Embedded systems pentest”
  • FIC (FRANCE) : Speaker “Personal Data and smart devices: Attack, Defense and Countermeasures”



  • 32C3 CHAOS COMPUTER CONGRESS (GERMANY) Speaker “Presentation of Hardsploit, a tool designed to facilitate electronic security testing”.
  • BlackHat Europe Arsenal (PAYS-BAS) : Speaker “Hardsploit : Like Metasploit, for hardware”
  • Hack In Paris (FRANCE) : Speaker “Hardware hacking for software pentesters”
  • Cap’tronic (FRANCE) : Trainer “Digital security : the case of smart devices”
  • FIC (FRANCE) : Trainer “Masterclass – IoT hacking, wireless protocols with software defined radio”


  • BlackHat (USA) : Speaker “How power consumption analysis of embedded systems could lead to code mining”

Our values

Our golden rule: We continually adapt to our clients’ business and their needs.

Understand your business in order to provide you with the most relevant solutions to your cybersecurity needs. To do so, all of our employees have a dedicated time to inform and train themselves regularly in IT and IoT cybersecurity by practicing a collaborative watch, developing R&D projects, but also by participating in international conferences (Hardwear.io; DefCon…).

We ensure that our team’s skills are kept up to date on a daily basis in order to provide our clients with strong know-how and expertise.

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