Secure design

Following a security audit, we can propose you to design your new IT or IoT architecture, integrating evolutions deemed necessary to guarantee the logical and physical security of the information system and/or electronic products. In order to be able to fully express our know-how and for the sake of efficiency, it is preferable to be able to intervene during the design phase.

LOOTUS SECURITY is able to support design offices in the development of its customers’ products on cybersecurity aspects, by integrating all internal teams related to the project, whether they are IT, electronic or organizational.


A wide range of consulting services


Encryption – signature – secure boot – entropy management – PKI – enrollment – OTP – anti-replay

Circuit design

Diagram – routing – technology choices – protocol choices…

Network architecture design

Routing – firewall – cloud – virtualization…

Embedded system

Choice of COTS – management – deployment – update – bootloader…

Embedded software design

FPGA – microcontroller – SOC


Risk analysis – exposure area analysis – data and intellectual property protection

Among our references, here are some examples of our missions:

    • Securing the boot chain of an IoT (embedded Linux) as well as its deployment (Secure Boot, encryption / signature)
    • Secure design of an equipment (Hardware, Software, mobile application, cryptography, Bluetooth) targeted by the ANSSI
    • Assistance in the design of a video signal acquisition card for reverse engineering purposes

    • Consulting on securing an IS architecture for the management of a computing cluster in the field of civil engineering

    • Assistance in the secure design of a printing solution
    • Study for the development of a laboratory

    • Development of a load curve software
    • Securing remote access

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