LOOTUS SECURITY can perform pentests at every end of a development cycle, to ensure compliance with recommendations given during the secure conception assistance or the previously done security audit. This step always references state of the art cybersecurity practices, relying on guides or norms which perimeters can be national and/or international.

A wide range of pentests

Electronics products

Embedded systems with or without OS…


Institutional, ecommerce, administration website – web API…

Targeted source code audit

Cryptography, authentication/identification – intellectual property protection…


Android and iOS applications

Network architecture

Business network – cloud – IoT system…

Wired or wireless communication protocol

Securing channels – secure implementation – buffer overflow…


Configuration hardening…

Among our references, here are some examples of our missions:

    • Web pentest, of information systems and of an embedded cash collection system
    • Hardware pentest of a measurement piece of equipment
    • Embedded Android applications and agents pentests
    • Proprietary protocols reverse engineering
    • Multiple access control systems pentest
    • Smart medical device pentest

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