Security audits

LOOTUS SECURITY can offer you security audits in order to accompany you precisely during your development cycle, in order to evaluate your level of security with respect to the state of the art of cybersecurity, based in particular on guides or standards which scopes can be national and/or international.

A wide range of audits

Electronics products

Embedded systems, with or withour OS…


Institutional site, e-commerce site – administration site – Web API…

Targeted source code audit

Cryptography, authentication / identification – intellectual property protection…


Android and iOS applications

Network architecture

Enterprise network – cloud – IoT system…

Wireless or wired communication protocol

Channel security – secure implementation – buffer overflow


Configuration hardening…

Among our references, here are some examples of our missions:

    • Code audit on a sensitive mobile application (search for malicious code and vulnerabilities)
    • Network security audit of an information system in the field of civil engineering
    • Security audit of an embedded image processing solution using neural networks (AI)
    • Identification of the attack surface of a smart medical equipment

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