I²Cx Web

I²Cx Web is a Web cybersecurity training platform. It allows to discover all the applicative vulnerabilities from the OWASP’s top 10. With the I²Cx Platform card, il is also possible to connect to this interface and showcase smart devices vulnerabilities.

A wide range of vulnerabilities

Lack of logging and monitoring

Log files and metrology

Unsecure remote update

Headers’ recovery

Recovery on the browser


Login and profile screen injection, DOM injection



Database injection

SQLmap, SQLi (search engine, log in and blind)

Unsecure deserializing

Script vulnerability, serializing, code interpretation

Wrong header configuration

SQLmap, SQLi (search engine, log in and blind)

Wrong cryptographic configurations

HTTPS, TLS, certificates, certification chains, cipher suite

Sensitive data exposition

Data encryption, restricted acess

Broken access control

URL bypass, uncontrolled data access (API)

Authorizations failures

Path transversal, avatar authorization failure, cookie theft, role change…