I²Cx Scanner

The I²Cx Scanner card is an analysis tool that can interface with electronic components and perform hardware penetration tests. It is available individually or in a complete kit to train in the security of smart devices on a platform designed for this purpose.

I²Cx Scanner can be used freely using the tools provided for free on LOOTUS SECURITY’s  Github. Once the card is purchased, all updates are free for life.

Moreover, in order to limit the development and for an even simpler use a graphic interface is proposed free of charge.

The card allows not only to interface with the list of protocols below, but also to use up to 2 protocols at the same time (e.g. : JTAG/SWD and UART; SPI and I²C…), except ONFI.
















Purchase I²Cx Scanner


A wide range of protocols


Access to code, debugging…


Acess to memories, secure elements, sensors…


Protocol widely used in the automotive industry

Parallel bus (ONFI)

Access to NAND, NOR, RAM memories


Access to settings, access to the code, debugging…


Access to memories, secure elements, sensors…


Access to networks…

Inputs/outputs (IO)

Access to custom protocols…