I²Cx Platform

The I²Cx Platform is a pre-programmed electronic board simulating a smart device with a 4″ touch screen (480×480 resolution) and a motion sensor (accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope). Through this tool and its included set of basic exercises, it will be possible to discover a wide range of IoT vulnerabilities through the parallel use of a security audit card. It is available either individually or in a complete kit to train in the security of connected objects on a platform designed for this purpose.

I²Cx Platform will be able to be used freely using the tools provided for free on LOOTUS SECURITY’s Github. Once the card is purchased all updates are free and for life.

The included basic exercises offer various interfaces with the following protocols: I²C, SPI, UART, JTAG/SWD. You will then be able to discover vulnerabilities such as: intellectual property theft, data modification, malicious data injection and buffer overflow exploitation.

Learning is done in a “black box” immersion, that is to say, without any solution as a malicious person could proceed. LOOTUS SECURITY offers several accompaniments in learning the cybersecurity of smart devices in its training catalog.

It is possible to reprogram I²Cx Platform in order to integrate additional exercises (for a fee) and thus adapt to your needs or technical level. The exercise catalog is under development, but LOOTUS SECURITY is also developing customized exercises.

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A wide range of protocols


Access to code, debugging…


Access to a NOR memory, peripherals…


Widely used field bus in the industry (e.g. Modbus)

STM32F7 microcontroller

High-end microcontroller that supports a multitude of protocols and hardware accelerated cryptography

Wireless access

Bluetooth, ZigBee, Thread, Ant+, NFCA and ISM bands < 1Ghz allow for an extensive access to domotics


Access to settings, code, debugging…


Access to memories, secure elements, sensors…


Widely used in the automobile industry

ONFI parallel bus

Access to NAND memory


USB 2.0 480Mbit/s and Ethernet 100 Mbit/s allow wired access with the possibility to host websites, APIs, updates…