I²Cx Linux Platform

The I²Cx Linux Platform board is an electronic board under development, simulating a smart device with an embedded Linux, a 4″ touch screen (480×480 resolution) as well as a motion sensor (accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope). Through this tool, it will be possible to discover a wide range of IoT vulnerabilities through the parallel use of a security audit card. It will be available either individually or in a complete kit to train in the security of connected smart devices on a platform designed for this purpose.

I²Cx Linux Platform wille be able to be used freely using the tools provided for free on LOOTUS SECURITY’s Github. Once the card is purchased all updates are free and for life.

A python API will be provided, with examples to use each feature. Moreover, in order to limit the development and for an even simpler use, a graphical interface is being developed and will also be proposed for free.
















Purchase I²CX Linux Platform


A wide range of protocols


Access to code, debugging…


Access to memories, secure elements, sensors…

Parallel bus (IO et ONFI)

Access to NAND, NOR, RAM memories


Field bus widely used in the industry (e.g. Modbus)

Wireless access

Wifi, Bluetooth


Access to settings, code, debugging…


Access to memories, secure elements, sensors…

CAN bus

Widely used in the automotive industry

STM32MP1 microcontroller

High end microcontroller with support for multiple protocols and large ammounts of RAM and flash memory

1 Gbits/s Ethernet

Wired network access with the ability to host websites, APIs…